We all want to succeed in life, but most often than not, we do not know how to make things happen! With Lifehacks Beyond, get to discover and develop your true purpose and potential – the keys to becoming successful in life!

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Virtual Training & Mentorship Program

What’s our goal?

Lifehacks beyond is created with the aim to produce purposeful leaders who are rooted in the truth, with time tested principles and equipped with the right mindset to affect and help the society.

**This program is inspired by School of Influence’s program conducted by Agents for Change International. This 6-mos training course is set up for you to:

Discover who you really are and help you unleash untapped potentials.

Build your character in the process as you practice every principles learned.

Gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding on how to dominate and lead in your area of giftings.

Effectively influence and develop the people around you to become leaders too.

Message from Ms. Trista Sue Kragh, Founder of School of Influence for Agents of Change

Program Curriculum

Level 1: Discovery of True Success

Course 1

The Identity Issue

Before you can make a real impact in the world, you must first discover who you really are – your true identity. In this course, you will learn who you are and the original idea of your Creator when He made you. At the same time, leave behind all the false beliefs you have about yourself, your success and what you are born to do with your life.

Course 2

Power of Potential & Pinpointing Your Purpose

This course a practical step-by-step guide to discover your purpose. If you have yet to discover your purpose, it’s never too late to do so. You are born for a purpose and with greatness that is trapped within you.

Course 3

Power & Process of Vision

Vision is the driving force behind every invention, achievement, and advancement in history. In this course, you will understand the principles of vision as well as the skills necessary to bring your vision to reality. It’s time to discover your life vision and turn your dreams into reality!

Level 2: Principles of True Success

Course 1

Keys to True Personal Success

Many books, videos, and courses have been written on how to attain success, but they don’t measure success the same way our Creator does. They never include the principles He built into life. Not only are these principles guaranteed to work, they are proven to cause a spectacular increase in your personal, family and corporate life.

Course 2

Kingdom Economics and Business Principles

In this course these are seven units with a number of time tested principles and fundamental truths that must be applied when it comes to understanding the economic system of the Kingdom of God and operating successfully in it.

Meet Our Course Facilitators

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