Batch 1 – Students Testimonials

School of influence has helped me shape my mindset.

First, it made me more aware of my identity as a born leader (being made after God’s image) who were made for a purpose and for a specific assignment to do. The lessons I have learned in Course 1 have helped me whenever I encounter challenges that fuel self-doubt.

For example, I’ve learned not to be afraid to take responsibility of my Mom’s business entrusted to me (although at first I was not sure if I could manage it) because this class has taught us that we are all designed for success (it’s in our DNA) but only we should renew our mind and have the attitude of a leader.

Second, I got to revisit the Vision that I had written for my life 5 years ago and I got to assess myself whether I was walking in what I’ve written, and whether what I wrote was truly from God or was I only motivated by personal gain. I got reminded of what I was passionate about, and that is to see lost people’s lives change by encouraging them. Because of this, my drive for success has been reinforced, because I can only give people what I have.

If I keep on failing in life, who would believe me? Third, I got reminded of the importance of proper planning and have been applying it in doing my business, working on my Thesis, serving my family and assisting in the media team simultaneously. I am still excited to relearn everything because I know that I am only starting.

Aida Lucila Marie Tabuga

Business Manager at Telstar Gas Fuel Station, Layout Artist at D'Axis Prod

I used to be very indecisive, emotional, and ambitious. I had lot of desires and dreams, but wasn’t accomplishing much.

With the help of this training course, I was able to identify my selfish motivations and refined it into a vision which could benefit other people. Also, it helped me to be more serious about the vision I received from God— to decide, at once, which few things must I prioritize, and to be more disciplined in fulfilling it.

Just a short background, the year before this course was taught to us, I was actually planning to distance myself from the church, because it was at that time when I failed my thesis subject for the second time.

When Pastora Rochel invited me to this training course, I was hesitant at first. Still, I went with the mindset that once I become busy, I can always backoff. But when I first attended & listened to the topic shared, the passion returned, and I felt that ‘this is actually what I need to finally graduate.’ And that is what happened, I finally graduated, because this training course also helped me know more about myself, my Source, and made me more confident and disciplined. Thus, I succeeded.

Now, even if I am far from Destiny Davao, I’m still connected with them via online, being trained and mentored by them continually, and I can’t deny the fact, that this training course played a big role to make this happen. 🙂

Katlyn Fei Oribiana

Intern Architect, Guevarra Arkitektura- Calamba, Laguna

I wanted to thank God for giving you all the wisdom to help people see themselves as how He sees them.

I am so glad that I was able to participate in the Lifehacks Beyond (Virtual Training and Mentorship Program). It helped me so much in knowing my real identity by knowing Who made me. That God gave me gifts that only I could use in such a time as this. Looking back, I could not really see myself in the field of teaching nor appreciate my job as a teacher not because I could not teach well but because I put standards on how teaching should be like. There are things God wanted me to do but I failed doing it not because I don’t trust God but because I don’t trust myself. I could not appreciate the things I have and can do. Failing to see myself as how He sees it, failing to know my real identity corrupted my thoughts saying that I am not able.

But one thing God told me during classes, “that my gift may not be able to benefit everyone but surely, it will benefit the right one.” Just as how keys are perfectly made to unlock the right door. This gave me confidence to work and prepare for the things ahead of me. Confidence to plan on the vision God gave me and to put those ideas into reality. Confidence to tell myself hey, you are in the right path and you are doing just fine. Hearing testimonies from the class, I am so amazed of how good and perfect God is for giving us such a gift that is perfect for the vision He put in our hearts. Everything is connected because He is a God of order. That’s why I will continue to discover more of what I can do for I know there are so many seeds God has planted in me for His vision to fulfill.

Thank you, DMR Team for your hard work. All glory and praise to the King!

Cheng Dalagon

License Professional Teacher / Private Tutor

I’ve been a Christian whose walk has been very colorful (in striking neon shades).  And in all of my 15 years of being a Christian, I have gone through countless leadership trainings and mentoring programs, it is only through this Life Hacks Leaders Training that taught me “(Christian) LIFE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT HARD!”.

Indeed this course ushered me to REVISIT my dreams when i was a lot younger. And it helped prove to me that God’s vision has really been planted in me since the beginning.  And this reminder triggered a REKINDLING OF HOPE in my heart.

With this new found level of HOPE, I am very excited to jump into the next course to direct me more to CONSCIOUSLY LIVE my life’s purpose.

To the DMR Team and most importantly, to Ms Trista Sue, I am looking forward to continue being part of this Kingdom Journey with you.

Blessings!  SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Marie Lou G. Amurao

Nova Rile 888 Pharma, Key Accounts Manager - Visayas Mindanao

I have found the course to be a great deal of help for me, it is not just a learning experience but it change my life especially to know who you are and what is your purpose and vision.

I’m into a construction business and before this course was presented I mismanage it, some of our projects were unfinished and some of them were finished but clients were not satisfied with it and because of that my attitude changed especially in  my relationship with my wife, I’m always angry, not listening to her, so worried in everything, high blood, etc. And when I joined lifehacks beyond it helps me how to manage my business, my family and even myself.

I have finished 2 projects well and having a good time with my family especially to my wife, we talked about our plans and goals seriously,  our vision and purpose as one (as a couple). Still I have experiencing problems and challenges in life but now I’m seeing problems an opportunity to grow not opportunity to become high blood, worried to much and being angry.

Thank you Ps Roy and Ps Rochel for all your help. I couldn’t done it without you both inspiring me, encouraging me and opening my mind and I’m excited to learn from you again in Level 2.

Robel Bello

“Some time later, the Lord spoke to Abram in a vision and said to him, “Do not be afraid, Abram, for I will protect you, and your reward will be great.””

This was the word I received on the 3rd day after the Lord revealed the Vision He has for me. May 18, 2021 past noon, the 3rd day of my quarantine days due to being a primary contact in my work place. I was reading and taking notes in Unit II of Course II in SOI – Pinpointing your Purpose, when I got into the question that says “Why am I here?” it made me stuck at that question that it made me really spent a lot of
time thinking what really is my purpose in life, I mean that was not my problem not knowing my purpose but pinpointing what are the specific ones that would lead me on the right path with the Lord. Because ever since I started joining the class and applying the topics into my life I know now how full of potentials and gifts I have from my Father and how I’m capable enough of doing those things for me and the rest of
the generation. I’m beyond blessed that God showed me His grace and love to really talk to me in an idea.

My purpose really is to be a person who will be used in my area of work (medical) to impact and influence them in a Kingdom mind set and living, I really wanted that some time I will have my own time and manage it to the way the Lord wants me to use and the only thing on my mind was to really have a business.

A business not just for the sake of having one but to really have that vision that I could help others through it, that’s when an idea came up. The Lord showed me a picture of myself owning a business that would lead and work on to the purpose I have for my the people around me. But this business is not just any type of business because the Lord told me that through Clinical Pharmacist (a specialization that only sets up
in a Hospital based set up) will be brought out to a business type of world. In just a snap that whole idea was introduced I even wrote the mission and vision of that business, after that I was so happy and overwhelmed at the same time having doubts, because I couldn’t imagine it, it was so big for me. But I’m excited! It’s like my whole being just shifted my attention to the vision itself, that at last I have the reason
why am I here!

I know I have a lot to learn and pass the tests, I know there is a lot more for me to discover but one things for sure, I know that God will be with me in this and I would really do the very best in me that I will hold on to His promise as well on how He entrusted me with my purpose and vision. The faith I have and will be growing together with the vision I have will hold me. I’m really hoping and praying that more of these class and books will be taught so that what I received and revealed will also be inculcated to others. “With Purpose, Vision and planning is born and to that it requires faith. Big Faith, to the point that you will not hold for the vision but Vision will hold you.

Khristine Shaira Santiago

Registered Pharmacist, Municipal Health Office of Kitaotao Bukidnon

Thank you for this training SOI LH. Ang dami ko natutuhan about my personality. The 5 questions sa una Kay lahi ang answers pero habang pahumanay na ang class nato Naga level up ang mga answers nko Kay mas nasabtan nako kinsa ko ug ngano Nia ko ug unsa ako purpose naging clear ang plan, goal, and vision.

4 yrs ago nag pray ko na hatagan ko chance na ma massage si PRRD and that 4 yrs of waiting everyday naga pray ta for government esp. SA atong pangulo and after 4 yrs the waiting is over and it come to pass dto na ako ngayon na deployed na Pero bago yan nangyari madami tao ginamit si Lord para makarating ako ISA SA mga tao na yun ay doc Hannah, naging PSG sya ginamit sya tulay para maka connect Kay PRRD and the rest is history.

Dili Lang diay si PRRD akong mahatagan ug help Kay bag o nako nagunitan ang first lady ug ang president mga kasambahay nya Ka co workers nako ako na massage na prayhan ug naayo si ilang gibati naka encourage sa ilaha. Grabe gyud si Lord mo plan just say YES to Him and mo follow na ang tanan. Dili gyud personal lang ang maka benifit Kung dili ang mga tao SA imong palibot. Thank you Lord sa process lalo sa Training SOI. MORE pa Kay continue learning man ni wala man katapusan habang Nia pa ta SA kalibutan. Thanks Pas Roy and Pas Rochel and all the pastors and staff and classmates. To God be all the glory. Amen

Liza Daylo

License Massage Therapist / Ifern Distributor Personal, Former Massage Therapist of President Rodrigo Duterte

Why I decided to enroll in SOI? Because I want something to change in me. At first I really want to know even more who I really Am. What’s my function in society in this season of pandemic. My real deal. And as I discover new things every week. Ignorance affects my life in a ways I don’t even realize.  And when I discover the truth, Life is easier.

When I decided to really serious about this training. Specially in School of influence, I really want to have a contribution to the society in my own little way.

And knowing the core gift I have, knowing my own assignment is what really interest me. The work I was born to do that I was supposed to accomplish that it does not matter what others might say. But I only have to look to the source. which is God.

It so exciting writing my own vision in my journal notebook. It made me wake up each day with excitement to do the things that I desire to do. I admit I’m a procrastinator, and I hate it!! But because of SOI, I learn to think about or plan the future with wisdom and knowledge.

Living my vision, is easy for me now to make decisions and when I will say “YES” and ” NO”.. because I have my life vision to regulate my decision. In my vision there’s always paying the price and it is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline protects my vision. Actually it develop my character to be excellent in all that I do.

Thank you Ps. Roy And Ps. Rochel…In this School of Influence helps me lot to do my Life assignment with discipline and perseverance.

Lovely Jane Aspe

Life Coach, Business Entrepreneur

The Lifehacks Beyond is probably the best school for adults to enroll. After we have received all the basic education, the universities will never guide us into discovering our purpose and potentials resulting that most graduates do experiments with life.

Most students think that success is found in money, position, profession and relationships. But such experimentations only led to a lot of headaches, abuses, addiction, and heartaches and little did many of us knew, we’re already at the end of the line.

One of the many important learnings I got from LHB is the concept of identifying myself on the Person of my Creator, God Himself. This basically widened my perspective of who really God is and what are His plans for my life. My identity is no longer stuck on what people say, not on my profession, my previous successes, my properties even. In fact, I no longer care about all these things when my eyes were set on the King, the one who I came from.

After knowing my real identity, I began to understand my authority as a citizen of the
Kingdom of Heaven. As a matter of fact, my prayer life has changed upon understanding this authority and I found it useful in taking care of my patients. Whenever I pray for them, my prayers create such an impact that their grieving atmosphere becomes an atmosphere of hope, acceptance, release, and peace most especially for the dying critically ill patients and COVID-19 patients.

The topic on responsibility and discipline were perhaps stuck in my mind and every now and then I’m reminded of this concept. I have been a complainer all my life but upon knowing these principles, I’ve learned to stand my ground and be a responsible man.

Teaching us about the role of the Holy Spirit was perhaps my favorite. A lot of Christians, including I, seldom hear the Holy Spirit being preached. But upon knowing the Holy Spirit’s role on earth, I’m now more dependent on Him. I can no longer decide properly without asking Him.

All my intriguing questions were answered very well by Ps. Roy and even by Paulett and at the end of the curriculum, I was never left hanging at all. The style of teaching was for me the best method of teaching too. And I’m excited for the
next level of Lifehacks Beyond. Thank you!

Sharemae Licmoan

Real Estate Sales Person, Filipino Homes

5 years ago, I had my personal encounter with God. Back then, I knew who He was but never had full understanding of Him as my true source. I never prioritize Him because my life is fully focused on my work and other stuff. I was an office employee back then but when my oldest daughter started going to school, I resigned from my job and went to the venture of business.

As I begin to enter in the business realm, it was successful. I had a good income in a month that could fully suffice my family and made me believe that this business is my identity. Fortunately, because of this business I was able to send my children in a private school. During those times, we are not having financially issues because our business is doing good. One day, a tragic incident went upon my life. I got sick and found a cyst in my ovary which led me to have a multiple operation. This incident blew up our savings.

From this experience, I realized that my life is empty just like a barren woman. And I said to myself, “I ‘d rather give up success than risking my own health”. Not knowing the real purpose of my existence, abuse in my health and in our finances clashed. But indeed, the Lord is faithful, He made a way to restore me and save me from the pit of the darkness. He took me out and place me in the sanctuary of his glory. He allowed me to go to the process in order for me to realize who is my true source and discipline me with the mistakes I had.

This LHB Training, made me strengthen my relationship with God. It made me realize that He is the author and source of my life. I now allow him to take full control, to surrender and to submit to Him. Not only that, but this course also opened my eyes that as a mother I still have a purpose to fulfill and it is my responsibility to develop, cultivate, nurture and unleashed the potentials that was built with me before I was born.

Vangie Tapic

Self-Employed / Direct Seller

In this kind of schooling it helps me build up my urgency to seek more to my King which I know will result clearer identity which will lead me to know what my vision is and to set goals to strengthen my purpose towards fulfilling my destiny.

I need to soar high and think right perspective so that all of this things that God planted in me will flourish and life will never be the same again.

Living a life with purpose is not that easy for all this will always be tested to see the authenticity of your faith to Jesus, but I know at the end of this battle the victory is mine for my King Jesus already fought this and now is the time to live out what it is inside of me that God has in stored that will bring impact to humanity from generation to generation.

I understand the power of decision for this is the greatest gift that God gave to humanity the power to choose (1 Corinthians 6:12). My life is a sum total of the decisions I make according to Myles Munroe. This makes me more careful to decide to do things to really think of it for this will affects my future including the people that surrounds me.

I am called to live a life that brings impact to humanity and be a voice to the marketplace as an ambassador of Christ. This will not be possible if I will continue to work with my great partner the Holy Spirit, the One who will in able me to fulfill this great commission that God calls me to do.

Be discipline at all times for not to compromise for as long as you live God will continue to work what he calls me to be. By the power of the Holy Spirit living in me I believe that I can do all things through Jesus Christ who gave me strength.

Mary Mae Guinto

Life Coach, Customer Experience Manager at McDonald's

We (with my husband Randyl) are present po sa lahat ng sessions ng Soi but sometimes failed to pass the attendance report.

This schooling didn’t just made us think deeper on our life purpose, but also transformed us to become more effective individuals wherever we are placed . Every detail concerning our growth in all areas of our lives are tackled and explained thoroughly by our dear facis Pastors  Roy  and Rochel for us to understand in connection of our vision. I can see their passion and sincerity to deliver and teach  us wholeheartedly, i am very grateful to have them as our teachers.

As a couple, we have learned many things in a short period of time, and this course simplified our lives in a more effective way.

We learned our true identity as children of God. This is the most important basic teaching we learned to operate victoriously. And we also grow as a couple in our marriage, still there are conflicts but we always resolve them with principles and wisdom applied.

Regarding on our everday work, we also learn  how to set priorities and plan. We can really say that this is one significant move we have made in our lifetime. We really appreciate DMR in your excellence and effort in sharing this to us. Molding not just our character but also our future.  Indeed! we  change not  just for the  better , but rather for the best! Thank you sa jumpstart in fulfilling our vision️

Randyl & Choi Balunos

Life Coach, Business Entrepreneur

At first, I was hesitant to join the School of Influence because of having a busy schedule and there are some arguments. But when I obey the conviction it surprises me the first time I have read the course 1 about “Identity Issue”. It feels like there’s a Spirit inside of me that awakens and reminds me who I really am.

Every time I read the lesson it really blow my mind, every lies and deceptions are being pulled out on my head. I am so grateful of this platform because I was able to discover my true purpose and mission in life, my potentials and everything that I thought I was not capable of, I discover it through this process. Despite of busy schedule, persecutions and hindrances, I was able to continue and finish this course not perfect but with a transformed mind and heart.

There were times I want to give up because of physical and emotional oppression but it reminds me that I still have a purpose to be accomplished that I should endure my emotions and discipline my body for a cause. When I was a child I was being exposed to music because my mother was a singer and also my grandmother. I remember before every time there’s been a birthday party they wanted me to sing and gave me money and even my grandfather also a musician trains me to join contest.

But as I grow up, I have these stage freight and low self-esteem, but I have this dream that I can’t really even imagine that one day I will become a singer and to perform in a big concert someday. And when I joined the School of Influence, every lesson, brings me back to my big dreams before and right now I have this burden to compose songs for the Lord. It really renewed my mind and builds my character eventually, as a sum up of my whole being as a daughter, a wife, an employee and soon to be an employer, a citizen and a believer to pursue what God has given to me not for myself but serving it to others.

There’s always a conviction to really obey and use the gifts and skills to fulfill my purpose and when my time is up I have a legacy to leave for the next generation. The courage that I have right now comes from God given vision, it’s not just that easy for me to have a transition but because of this I have now a confidence to do my assignment and not be swayed by other’s opinion anymore for I know that God is my source and I am just a manager of His creations.

This is just the beginning of my journey and there’s more to discover as I continue in walking and seeking His true intent for me to make difference and bring impact to society and that’s the time I can say it is finish.

To God be all the glory!

Julie Ann Tiongco

Engineer II, DPWH R.O. XI